Sea Freight Services

Galaxy’s Sea Freight is an all-inclusive door-to-door service. Allow Galaxy to take care of everything so you don’t have to. From consultation and guidance to efficient shipments, Galaxy covers all aspects of the process assuring its customers a worry-free arrangement. Galaxy offers a wide variety of benefits including seamless shipment tracking, remote filing capabilities, customized warehouse integration and more! Galaxy also has an exceedingly high retention rate, always keeping their customers beyond satisfied. Some Sea Freight Services Offered Include:
  • Tracking and Visibility Tracking your shipment are simple with Galaxy, with their PO Management and online tracking you can monitor your package from order placement until final delivery.
  • Oversized Shipments Transport your products regardless of size, Galaxy offers oversized shipments for their customer's convenience.
  • Logistics Programs Galaxy provides expertise in every avenue of transportation as a premier full-service logistics provider.
  • Consolidation (LCL) Less than container loads are taken to a CFS (Container Freight Station) where they’re sorted and broken down before they are picked up.
Sea Freight is a great option for cargo shipment, Galaxy offers incredibly competitive pricing as well as exceptional service. Galaxy has been working with the largest carriers for over 30 years! They often anticipate their customers’ needs and always exceeds expectations.

P.O. Management Services

P.O. Management is a premier service proudly offered by Galaxy in which customers can manage the shipment of purchase orders, from order origination to shipment delivery at its final destination. P.O. Management configures and monitors key milestones electronically which helps to ensure all deliveries are timely and correct. Key PO Management Features Include:
  • Manage Ship Window Compliance You will be notified when a supplier’s delivery is either early or late within a ship window. You can also track multiple deliveries against a single order.
  • Track partial, over and under shipment quantities, You will receive an alert of any shipment quantity issues, based off the predetermined exception tolerance
  • Calculate Landed Cost Costs will be calculated down to the SKU level, depending on the pre-determined cost components and calculation algorithms.
  • Control Multiple PO Versions You have the ability to track and check any updates on your Purchase Order throughout the duration of the order.
This is a web-based tracking system utilized by Galaxy to offer its customers premium access to track their purchase orders. Galaxy coordinates the best routes, competitive prices and minimizes risk, allowing their customers a worry-free process.

Compliance/Customs Services

Galaxy’s knowledgeable team and over 30 years of experience make them a leader in customs and regulations. Their licensed customs brokers ensure compliance. Compliance is an important aspect of the industry and Galaxy takes pride in assisting its clients to comply with current import and export regulations and requirements. Some Customs/Compliance Services Offered Include:
  • Global Coverage & Reliable Agent Network Galaxy offers tools and consulting services to better assist its customers to manage international trade.
  • US Government Agencies Galaxy complies with all Government agencies and regulations – their in house licensed customs broker will handle your freight and ensure all regulations are met.
  • Consultation Services Integrating complete IT solutions from factory door to your Distribution Center
  • Duty Drawback US Customs program offered by Galaxy that allows exporters to have the import duties paid refunded based on exported product qualifications.
Galaxy offers global coverage and a reliable network. Before picking up your container, your merchandise needs to be freight released and customs cleared. Galaxy clears and releases your products to any port in the United States. Meeting and exceeding all necessary regulatory and security certifications, Galaxy timely and accurately transmits directly to US Customs and Border Protection and help avoid delays on air and sea shipments.

Trucking/Traffic Services

Galaxy offers door-to-door service, freight forwarding, coordination and monitoring of your cargo shipment from start to finish. Customizable tracking is a great solution for any company! Galaxy creates a tailored trucking experience specific to the needs of its clients with competitive pricing while providing outstanding service and exceeding clients expectations. Some Trucking/Traffic Services Offered Include:
  • Door-to-door Service Allow Galaxy to pick up and or delivery from port of origin to your final destination
  • Domestic Forwarding Galaxy ensures cargo solutions that meet and exceed customers needs throughout the forwarding process.
  • T & E Filing/Distribution Allow Galaxy to take care of Importer Security Filing on your cargo.
  • GPS Tracking Track your in-transit shipments in real-time with online tracking with Galaxy.
Trucking allows for lower pricing and more flexibility when it comes to transporting your products. Galaxy offers over 30 years of industry expertise and a team of well-versed professionals who work hard to ensure your shipments are transported accordingly. Galaxy’s premier trucking services allow customers a worry-free transportation process.

Air Freight Services

Galaxy offers premier air freight services to better serve their clients. Galaxy provides top tier air transportation, efficient shipments, and exceptional service. Providing the best shipping options, Galaxy Air Freight Services delivers customized import and export solutions. With custom air freight solutions, favorable pricing and a team of knowledgeable experts, Galaxy gives customers an outstanding experience that will encourage them to return time and time again. Some Air Freight Services Offered Include:
  • Insurance Coverage Galaxy acknowledges the risks of transportation and covers the risk of unforeseen events.
  • Legal Services Attorney’s on staff provide hands-on expertise in international business transactions, US EPA, FDA, and Customs Compliance
  • Shipment Tracking Track your package from the moment you place your order until it reaches its final destination with Galaxy’s online tracking system.
  • Warehousing Store your goods before or after their transportation inconveniently located, secure and efficient warehouses
Air Freight is a great option for time-sensitive cargo, Galaxy offers daily worldwide departures. Galaxy offers airport-to-airport and door-to-door services. Regardless of the type, size and frequency of what you are shipping, Galaxy’s Air Freight services are a perfect solution.


Import/Export can be a strenuous process, Galaxy works effortlessly to assure your import and exportation goes smoothly. Galaxy has the knowledge and expertise to specialize in tailored import and export solutions for its customers. Galaxy has a team of seasoned specialists who ensure that your imports and exports and in regulatory compliance with US Customs and participating government agencies.

Some Import/Export Services Offered Include:

  • Air Freight Services Transport your cargo using air freight, a premier mode of transportation!
  • Compliance Programs Galaxy Freight’s licensed customs brokers ensure accurate customs compliance
  • Freight Forwarding Transport your cargo worry-free – Galaxy Freight’s Freight Forwarding assures their customers a worry-free process.
  • Sea Freight Transport cargo on steamship lines for increased flexibility enhanced control and cost-effective.
  • PO Management Receive live event-based updates on your Purchase Order from the time that you place your order to its final destination.
Galaxy has over 30 years of industry experience and a team of highly knowledgeable experts who work diligently to assure your goods are imported and/or exported accordingly. Galaxy offers outstanding services in addition to its competitive pricing and convenient door-to-door service.